The Perfect Proposal

As the title suggests, – I GOT ENGAGED! Cue balloons and fireworks and sparklers and shouts of joy. I’ve been with my partner now for over three years. We’ve lived together for 18 months and, without being completely starry-eyed and wearing rose-tinted glasses, it has been bloody wonderful. We’re similar enough on the big things... Continue Reading →

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is essential for those aspiring to further their career in clinical psychology. It’s drummed into you that even if you cannot get an assistant psychologist (AP) post, as long as you receive supervision from a clinical psychologist, you have a chance of getting on to the doctorate. Having been in a few different... Continue Reading →

A Voice In A Crowd

When the murder of George Floyd was captured on film on 25th May 2020, #BlackLivesMatter was trending within hours. It brought back harrowing memories of Eric Garner, another black man who died due to police restraint back in 2014. How can this STILL be happening in 2020? My initial instinct was to write about Floyd's... Continue Reading →

Dear Future Me

I'm writing this at what I believe is the beginning of week six of lockdown due to Coronavirus. I'm writing this to remind myself and my future children of what a strange time it is. I don't want my personal experiences to become a haze, lost in a sea of other memories. I didn't take... Continue Reading →

Well-being: A Delicate Balance

Now more than ever we are acutely aware of what everyone is doing; due to Covid-19 lockdowns, we are turning to social media constantly. I know that I am mindlessly scrolling through the same apps every day. The effect social media has on us has been well studied and documented, and yet I still log... Continue Reading →

The Corona Chronicles

I’m sure there’s thousands, if not millions of these blogs around, but I find it personally helpful and therapeutic to write about my own experiences. I have gone through many stages of thought and many emotions since we first heard about Corona virus/Covid-19 (CV). I’m sure like many, when I first heard about CV I... Continue Reading →

Making a House a Home

There’s been a reason I haven’t posted anything for nearly three months. My last post was looking back on 2019 and I opened with the fact that my partner and myself moved into a rented place and put an offer in on a house to buy in October. Well that time has come! The process... Continue Reading →

A Year in Very Brief Review

What a year it’s been! The year kicked off with moving in with my partner for the first time. We were talking last night and we counted just three times of argument/upset in the entire year, which I would say is pretty good going. Even better, we made sure we kissed and made up on... Continue Reading →

Vote For Your Future

Some are dubbing this an election of a lifetime; one that will affect us for years. Quite a frightening prospect. It feels like we have a choice between the lesser of two (seven?) evils, which is not a great starting position. I know none of them are great and all have their flaws, but it... Continue Reading →

Onwards and Upwards

What a difference a month makes! I'm into week five of my new job as an assistant psychologist in a memory service and I absolutely love it. Before I left my last job, I came into the memory service for an afternoon to get a handover from the assistant psychologist that I was taking over... Continue Reading →

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